Botany Taekwon-Do Rank and Grading 

Our rank system

Dragons or First stripe


This rank is for our younger student up to the age of 11 so that they can see that they are progressing.


  •  First green.
  • First blue.
  • First red.
  • First black.

Gup or colour belt


 For 12 years and up, dragons can progress to a gup belt when they are ready.


  • 10th gup white belt.
  • 9th gup white belt with yellow stripe.
  • 8th gup yellow belt.
  • 7th gup yellow belt with green stripe.
  • 6th gup green belt.
  • 5th gup green belt with blue stripe.
  • 4th gup blue belt.
  • 3rd gup blue belt with red stripe.
  • 2nd gup red belt.
  • 1st gup red belt with black stripe.



 Degree black belts


Degree grades are split into four groups as below with the minimum time's and age requirments.


1st to 3rd degree are classed as novice grade.

  • 1st degree  15 years ( 15 years old is a Botany Taekwon-Do minimum age) of age and must have been a 1st gup min 6 months.

  • 2nd degree 14 and a half years old and been a practising 1st degree minimum 18 months.

  • 3rd degree 17 years and been a practising 2nd degree for a minimum of 2 years.


4th to 6th degree are classed as experts.

  • 4th degree 21 years old and been a practising 3rd degree minimum 3 years.

  • 5th degree 25 years old and been a practising 4th degree minimum 4 years.

  • 6th degree 30 years old and been a practising 5th degree for minimum 5 years.


7th and 8th degree Master

  • 7th degree 37 years old and been a practising 6th degree for minimum 6 years.

  • 8th degree 45 years old and been a practising 7th degree for minimum 7 years.


9th degree grand master

  • 9th degree 55 years old and been a pracising 8th degree for a minimum 8 years and invited to grade.