Botany Taekwon-Do

Dragon, 1st black syllabus

Grading syllabus

First BLACK for promotion to 10TH GUP


  • Saj ju Jirugi
  • Saj ju Makgi



  • Attention stance.
  • Parallel stance.
  • Parallel ready stance.
  • Walking stance.
  • Walking ready stance.
  • Sitting stance.
  • Sitting ready stance.


Defensive Techniques-

  • Forearm low block.
  • Knifehand low block.
  • Inner forearm middle side block.
  • Front rising block.
  • Front rising kick.



Offensive Techniques-

  • Forefist front punch.
  • Front snapkick.


Step Sparring-

  • 3 step alone one way

         hand teniques only.


Releasing and Locks-


  • Grab to the wrist same side.
  • Grab to the wrist opposite side.
  • Two hand grab to both wrists.



  • Stomp on board