Botany Taekwon-Do

8th gup, yellow belt syllabus



Parallel, Sitting and L-Stance



Forearm rising block (palmok chookyo makgi)

Outer forearm side block (pakat palmok yop magki)

Knifehand side block (sonkal yop makgi)

Twin forearm block (sang palmok magki)

Knifehand guarding block (sonkal daebi makgi)




Knifehand side strike (sonkal yop taerigi)

Side turning kick (yop dollyo chagi)

Side piercing kick (yopcha jirugi)



Dan-Gun Tul 21 movements


Dan Gun is named after the holy Dan Gun,

the legendary founder of Korea in the year

2333 BC



Three step sparring (sambo matsogi)

With partner, two way, hand techniques

Compulsory techniques: Front punch, Knifehand side strike, Flat fingertip thrust

1. Walking stance inner forearm side blocks / flat fingertip thrust

2. Walking stance knifehand side blocks/ open fist punch

3. Walking stance outer forearm side block / front punch

Free sparring












SELF DEFENCE (hosin sul)

Showing: attacking, breaking and releasing


Grab to the wrist - same side

Grab to the wrist – opposite side

Two hand grab to both wrists


  • Hold plank for 30 seconds
  • 5 x Sit up's
  • 5 x Push up's


Front snap kick (apcha busigi)

  • Side piercing kick
  • Turning kick
  • Knife hand strike ADULT



All terminology above


1 - hana 2 - dool 3 - set 4 - net 5 - dasot 6 - yosot 7 - ilgop 8 - yodul 9 - ahop 10 - yol

Meaning of the Yellow belt

Yellow signifies the earth from which a plant sprouts and takes root as the Taekwon-Do

foundation is being laid.

Rules of conduct

Preparation for training

1. Members must make sure they are clean and all nails are cut short for safety reasons.

2. Members should arrive at least 10 minutes before the commencement of class and be

prepared both physically and mentally.

Entering the do-jang

1. Remove footwear prior to entering the designated training area.

2. Where several people are entering, ensure the senior person or adult is shown the

courtesy of entering first.

3. Bow when entering or leaving the do jang.

4. Ensure shoes or other articles are neatly stored in accordance with the wishes of the


5. Bow and acknowledge others present in the do jang, which should include firstly the

instructor, the assistant instructor, then senior members. Children must acknowledge

adults. Similar courtesies should be paid when visiting other martial arts do jang.