Botany Taekwon-Do

1st gup, black stripe syllabus


  • Choong-Moo Tul – 30 movements


Defensive Techniques-

  • X-knifehand checking block (kyocha sonkal momchau makgi)
  • Twin palm upward block (sang sonbadak ollyo makgi)
  • Flying hooking kick (twimyo golcho chagi)


Offensive Techniques-

  • Downward punch (naeryo jirugi)
  • Knifehand high front strike (sonkal nopunde ap taerigi)
  • Reverse knifehand high front strike (sonkal dung nopunde ap taerigi)
  • Flying downward kick (twimyo naeryo chagi)
  • Flying high kick (twimyo nopi chagi)
  • Overhead kick (twio nomo chagi)
  • Consecutive kick (yonsok chagi)
  • Combination kick (honap chagi)
  • Skip kick (duro gamyo chagi)


  • Sparring-
  • One step sparring (ilbo matsogi) Own choice of around 6 one step sparring techniques
  • Plus any otherprevious syllabus requested by the Examiners. The attacker or the examiner determines the techniques that the attacker performs. Mustdemonstrate right and left sides equally.
  • Free sparring (jayu matsogi) With own rank and with black belts.


Releasing and Locks-

  • All previous requirements from yellow belt to red belt level.


  • Destruction- max points 16
  • Power test:
  • Hand - downward punch or downward knifehand strike
  • Men: 2 boards. Women: 1 board. Juniors: front elbow strike - 2 boards.

max points 4

  • Foot - side piercing kick
  • Men: 3 boards. Women & Juniors: 2 boards.

max points 4

  • Special technique:
  • Flying high kick - 1 board
  • Everyone: Board at forefist height with the arm extended above the head.

max points 4

  • Overhead kick - 1 board
  • Male: over 5 air shields. Female: over 3 air shields.
  • Top of the board held at chest height standing.

max points 4


Fitness: Fitness test - max points 16


  • Applicants run the 2.4 km course as fast as they can. Points are awarded for the time taken to complete the course according the scoring schedule.

max. 4 points


  • Applicants must complete as many press-ups as they can without pausing for longer than one second. Hands (or fists) should be a shoulder width apart. Straighten arms fully and lower the body until the elbows bend 90 degrees. Ensure the body is straight throughout the exercise.

max. 4 points


  • Lie on your back, knees bent, arms crossed with hands on shoulders. Sit up and touch the legs with your elbows and lay back. Do not let the hands lift off the shoulders or feet come off the floor. Applicants must complete as many situps as they can in a two minute time period. Feet are not held.

max. 4 points

Pad work

  • Applicants are required to kick an air shield (or similar) continuously for three 2 minute rounds with a 1 minute break in between rounds. Kicks that are expected are turning kicks, front kicks, back kicks, pick-shape kick, side kicks and flying kicks. The holder of the pad moves around calling for the kicks to be performed. Points for pad work are awarded by the Examiners taking into account: stamina, power, technique and spirit.

max. 4 points


  • All theory contained within the Coloured Belt Techniques Syllabus Handbook, general knowledge of Taekwon-Do, plus:
  • Meaning of Choong-Moo
  • Choong-Moo was the name given to the great Admiral Yi Soon-Sin of the Lee Dynasty. He was reputed to have invented the first armoured battleship (Kobukson) in 1592, which is said to be the precursor of the present day submarine. The reason why this pattern ends with a left hand attack is to symbolise his regrettable death, having no chance to show his unrestrained potentiality checked by the forced reservation of his loyalty to the king.
  • Pattern diagram